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Window Tinting

Reflect + Protect

Window Tint

The benefits of tinting your Tesla extend beyond just improved appearance. Window tint also provides added security as well as heat rejection, which minimizes the use of A/C resulting in improved mileage per charge, especially during the hot summer months.

Window Tint



Tinting your windows is a quick and inexpensive way to change the look of your Tesla.


Window films reduce visibility into your Tesla which helps lower the risk of break-ins or theft.


Compared to factory tint, a lower % window film provides more privacy for vehicle occupants.

Improved Range

Higher UV and heat rejection minimizes the use of A/C which improves battery range.

The Alset Advantage

Unlike most car makes and models which have door trim surrounding the entire window, at least 60-70% of Tesla window edges are exposed. That’s why it’s important that the edge of the film lines up perfectly with the edge of the window. ALSET Auto achieves this by using a filing technique as opposed to cutting the film with a blade which can leave uneven and imperfect edges.


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What They’re Saying


Shoutout to the guys at Alset for a stunning tint job yesterday. Windows look absolutely perfect, and they took utmost care to make sure everything was neat and cleanThis is 25% ceramic tints. Definitely recommend!!!

Dave O.

Model 3

I had heard about ceramic tints what wasn’t sure if it was worth the extra money over the basic tint. ALSET did a great job in explaining the benefits of ceramic while not being pushy about getting me to spend the extra money. Ultimately I went with ceramic due to my car being parked outside often. They had my car in and out in one day. Highly recommend!

Shane R.

Model S

Was pleased that ALSET was able to tint my windows while the car was in for full ceramic. They were helpful in explaining why I should consider going a slightly darker tint due to the white interior making it look lighter from the outside as  opposed to the black interior. Went with 25% very happy with it.

Terry L.

Model 3

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